▶ Department Store

    Store name: FUNBUY
    Location: Sanya, China
    Solution applied: Minew ESL Smart Retail Solution


    FUNBUY is a department store which combined with the offline shopping experience and online platform shopping together. It has a wide range of hot-selling global products, including beauty and skincare, bags, watches, health care products, jewelry accessories, and more.

    As the first digital experience store entered the new retail field in China, FUNBUY Hainan Sanya store has chosen Minew MTag electronic shelf labels to display product and price information in order to highlight the brand globally and high-end features.

    The cooperation between FUNBUY and Minew is not only the exploration of FUNBUY’s digital upgrade of offline stores but also shows that major retail brands are awakening now. In this digitization era, major retailers need to find a better way to achieve online-offline information exchange. As a professional smart retail solution and hardware supplier, Minew is looking forward to serving more retail brands and contributing to the development of new retail.



    The project

    Minew based on the demands and characteristics of FUNBUY’s business model (offline experience and online shopping) provides to store a professional equipment layout, screen display templates, and system management solution.

    Installation method: the combination of rails and T-Shaped stand, showing more flexibility

    The FUNBUY Sanya Store has different types of merchandise. Therefore, different methods have been chosen for the installation of the MTags. The conventional cabinet adopts the rails; others place use the T-Shaped stand which makes the product placement more flexible.

    Display template designing: focus on the QR code as a connection between online-offline

    In this project, FUNBUY used the 2.9-inch and 4.2-inch black white and red MTags. For the screen display template, both of them are designed with red and black blocks to highlight the product and price information. Also with the FUNBUY official account QR code, customers can scan them via mobile phone to start shopping online. This small function not only improves the customer’s impression of the brand, but also lays the channel foundation for the first, second, and more times of online shopping in the future. Besides, the offline store implemented Minew MTags can also provide customers unique shopping experience and improve the store image.


    Cloud platform management: convenient, saving labor cost

    The smart retail IoT cloud platform enables the unified management of product data information online and offline. At the same time, through the cloud platform users can control and manage MTags screen display, which makes the discount promotion activities simple, fast and accurate, saving labor costs, improving the store operation efficiency and service quality. In the later stage, multiple stores can also be added to the platform for centralized management, which can greatly save operating costs.

    As the most popular Electronic Shelf Label brand, Minew MTags has been applied in 3C electronics, grocery, drug stores, and other industries. In the future, we will continue to provide customers with professional software and hardware integrated smart retail solution to help retailers quickly build offline smart retail scenarios.


    ▶ Grocery

    Store name: Zhenyoucai®
    Location: Shenzhen, China
    Solution applied: Minew ESL Smart Retail Solution


    Zhenyoucai® greengrocery is a chain brand of Shenzhen Shuaidama Industry Development Co., Ltd. It continues the business philosophy of Shuaidama®: only sells fresh and high-quality vegetables, not selling overnight products.


    To ensure all the fresh food will be sold out on the same day, Zhenyoucai® starts at 19:00 every evening to make a 10% discount off every half hour. For dozens of commodities, up to 9 times of discounts with every half hours frequency each day, if let two staffs to change the price of goods in the cashier system, also print and replace the commodity paper price tag, it is must be in a hurry and cause error-prone. For example, the products are already in the discount period but the paper price tag has not been replaced, or the price inside the cashier system is not changing yet. In short, all these situations will bring a very poor shopping experience to consumers, and seriously affect customers’ evaluation of the brand.


    By knowing the problems of Zhenyoucai® greengrocery had, we sent our staff to the site to communicate with their needs, made a field test, after few weeks of hard work we come up with a specialized solution for them.

    The project includes the 2.9” black white and red MTag ESLs (Electronic Shelf Labels), Bluetooth Wi-Fi gateway, and smart retail IoT cloud platform. Besides, we integrate the store cashier system with our solution together, which achieved a one-click linkage of the MTag ESLs, smart retail IoT cloud platform, and in-store cashier system. It makes the Zhenyoucai® staff only need to change the price on the cashier system, then the MTag ESLs and smart retail IoT cloud platform will be sync automatically.

    As a core part of this project, the performance of 2.9” black white and red MTag ESLs is very impressive. The screen layout designed by two colors, users can customize the display template on the cloud platform by themselves. In terms of product performance, MTag uses Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 technology combined with the low power consumption batteries. The refresh rate of the tags can up to 20,000pcs in 30 minutes and the average battery life is 5 years.

    The results

    The solution now has been successfully run in the store and received a very high evaluation from both Zhenyoucai® staff and their customers. This project not only enables the unified management of the online-offline product data but also makes the operation of the discount activity simple , fast, accurate, which helped the merchant to save labor costs and improving operational efficiency. At the same time, the MTag ESLs make the store looks more representative and adds an extra point to the store image.


    ▶ Consumer Electronics

    Store Location: Mianyang, China

    Products Used:
    - 2.9” Black White and Red MTag ESLs
    - Minew Smart Retail IoT Cloud Platform
    - Bluetooth Wi-Fi Gateway

    MTag-in Mobile-store


    In July, the store manager found us on the website and shared information with us that they are planning to open a new shop. They noticed the trend of Electronic Shelf Labels, therefore they hope they can integrate this technology in their new store as a trail to improve store image.


    After knowing the store needs, our team introduced Smart Retail Solution to the store manager as well as shared the necessary documents with installation notes. Besides, according to the clients’ store feature, our staff designed the label template which suitable for the store on the Smart Retail IoT Cloud Platform.

    The results

    Through a week of preparation, on the 1st of August, the store got successfully opened with our MTag Series Electronic Shelf Labels technology. Also, the store manager now can easily control, manage, and check the status of each MTag via our Smart Retail IoT Cloud Platform.

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