How does the Key finder works?

Key finder was made to help you find the things that matter most! When you activate the tracker anattach it to an item, the T-Finder app “discovers” the Key finder and establishes a connection to it using your device’s Bluetooth signal. Once a Bluetooth connection is made between your tracker and mobile device, the Key finder and mobile app can be used for two way finding communication

How to use the key finder?

Download the app in Google play or App Store: T-Finder

Which module preload UART protocol already?

MS50SFA or MS48SF2.


Here is the details of MS50SFA

Chipset: nRF52810

GPIO: 13

UART protocol: Master/Slave


Here is the details of MS48SF2

Chipset: m1805

GPIO: 12

UART protocol: Master/Slave

What is a multiprotocol module?

Multi-protocol module is the module can support the different protocol.

Like MS88SF2 with 1M flash memory and 256kb RAM can support Bluetooth 5.0 and IEEE 802.15.4 which means MS88SF2 can compatible with Zigbee and Thread.

Do you offer OEM/ODM service for ESL?

Yes, we do. You may contact one of our staffs to obtain more information.

What compliance you have for MTags?

All our ESL products have passed CE, FCC, and RoHS.

What colors do you have for tags?

So far we have the black/white/red/yellow for you to choose.

How can the information send to the ESL?

All the information will be transmitted by our Gateway to the labels.

Can I apply MTags in the freezer?

Yes, we do provide MTags with the freezer option for users.

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