Which module preload UART protocol already?

MS50SFA or MS48SF2.


Here is the details of MS50SFA

Chipset: nRF52810

GPIO: 13

UART protocol: Master/Slave


Here is the details of MS48SF2

Chipset: m1805

GPIO: 12

UART protocol: Master/Slave

What is a multiprotocol module?

Multi-protocol module is the module can support the different protocol.

Like MS88SF2 with 1M flash memory and 256kb RAM can support Bluetooth 5.0 and IEEE 802.15.4 which means MS88SF2 can compatible with Zigbee and Thread.

What is the difference between dual-mode module and single-mode module.

 Dual-mode module


 Single-mode module
 Mode  BLE module + classic(Audio)  BLE
 Application  Smart Phone/Pad/ Laptop  Highly integrated, low data quantity, BLE device, Fast connection
 Icon  “Bluetooth smart ready”–Smart device with Bluetooth 4.0/4.2/5.0 dual-mode ready  “Bluetooth Smart”– Smart device with Bluetooth 4.0/4.2/5.0 single-mode


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What is bluetooth module?

Bluetooth module is a PCBA board with integrated Bluetooth functions
The essential component in the Bluetooth module:
Sensors or MCU: they can collect the raw data which need to transmit to the Bluetooth module.
Processor: The processor can process the data.  Normally in sensor or MCU, However, the processor may be included in the chipset.
Clock/crystal oscillator: they can control to the operation of the system synchronized
radio transmitter or receiver (2.4 GHz) to transmit/receive Bluetooth signal, and normally, they will be located in the chipset.
antenna to receive or transmit radio signal over the air

Memory Flash/RAM to store the data

Also, the software/firmware will define the module on how to work.

Hardware with firmware can simply build a Bluetooth module.

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