We do not know how to use this, will you provide us some manual?

Definitely and our technical support team will help you if you meet any difficulties. Also, we will send you a tutorial video to ensure that you can run it smoothly.

We are a retail chain, can I manage all my stores in one head office?

Yes, our Smart Retail IoT Cloud Platform not only supports single store management but also has a centralized management option.

Is there any warranty for MTags?

Yes, all MTag Series ESLs come with a one year warranty.

Will your solution software can integrate with our existing systems?

Yes, our Smart Retail IoT Cloud Platform can integrate with any POS or ERP system. We provide API and technical support for your needs. Integration with existing systems is extremely important to make the solution work efficient and easy to use.

Can I apply MTags in the wet area?

We have IP67 standard waterproof electronic shelf labels for use in wet areas. They are good for the seafood section in the supermarket as such.

How are MTags powered?

The MTag labels run on a CR2450 battery-powered base.

How long does it take for shipping?

Generally,it costs 5-7days for shipping

Can we customized the package?

Yes,for bulk order,packing box can be customized

Can we print logo on the device?

Yes,customized logo is acceptable

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